Where to eat in Sabaudia and Monte Circeo

Rome is close to so many beautiful locations. But one that holds a special place in my heart is Sabaudia, just a 1.30 hour drive from Rome. When I was a little girl, my grandfather from my dad’s side wanted to buy a summer house near Rome. He immediately looked into Sabaudia and asked my mother’s father for help in searching. In the end – together – they found a lovely place. Since that day, our summer house in Sabaudia has become a second home, a retreat from the hot Roman August days.

I’ve been going to Sabaudia and Circeo since I was just 4 years old, so you can trust me when I say I know a few places! And since eating well is one of my favorite things on Earth, I can definitely advise you on where to dine! Here are some of my favorite places to eat in Sabaudia and Circeo.

The best restaurants in Sabaudia

Ponte Rosso – Lago di Paola

If you’re searching for a magical setting, search no more. This lakeside restaurant on the beautiful Lago di Paola is THE place to go to. From happy hour to dinner, this place offers a stunning scenery. If you arrive during sunset, you’ll see the sky turn into pink-tinted shades that reflect on the water. But it’s not just the setting that is amazing, the food is also delicious. Gourmet Italian food awaits you. Start off with the exceptional kataifi shrimp, the shrimp tartare or the seafood cruditè. The also have yummy oysters here! Sit in one of the candlelit tables right on the waterfront, admire the view and listen to lovely lounge music in the background. It’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner, but also for a friendly outing.

📍 Via Casali di Paola 6, Sabaudia
⏰ Tuesday – Sunday from 10am – 1am
📞+39 0773 596316
💰 €50+

Seaside towns near Rome: a weekend in Sabaudia

La Caravella

On the lungomare di Sabaudia, further away from Monte Circeo, you will find La Caravella, a delicious family-run restaurant that has become one of my ultimate favorites. A laid-back setting in a very simple trattoria-style restaurant awaits you. But whatever you do, ask for a seafront table when you reserve. It’ll completely make the difference. If you get to La Caravella at 8.30pm, you’ll be able to catch the sunset. It’s magical. On one side, the sun setting in the horizon, on the other, the beautiful Monte Circeo in the distance. And the food is also yummy! Don’t miss out on the clam and mussel sautè, the octopus salad, the tonnarelli with mussels, clams and cherry tomatoes and the perfectly cooked catch of the day! The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff is super friendly. If you’re craving pizza, theirs is delicious!

📍 Strada Lungomare Pontino, Sabaudia
⏰  Monday – Sunday from 12pm – 3pm / 8pm –  12am
📞 +39 0773 515445
💰 €30+

Seaside towns near Rome: a weekend in Sabaudia

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Saporetti Torre Paola

Known as one of Sabaudia’s most exclusive beach clubs, Saporetti is also one of the best restaurants in Sabaudia. If the view of its white sandy beach paired with the stunning panorama of the iconic Torre Paola – a Saracen watchtower – isn’t enough to get you a reservation at this place, maybe their delicious pasta alle vongole (pasta with clams) will! The menu is vast and offers yummy seasonal dishes, from caprese to seafood pastas and the catch of the day cooked in the best way possible.  The best thing is that you get to enjoy their delicious food on an open-air terrace overlooking the sea … how’s that for a location? If you’re going to the beach at Saporetti and prefer a more casual lunch, head to their bar where you’ll be eating yummy Italian cuisine too! I assure you!

📍 Lungomare Sabaudia 04016
⏰  Monday – Sunday from 12pm – 3pm / 8pm –  12am
📞 +39 0773 596024
💰 €50+
🔗 SaporettiTorrePaola

Saporetti Torre Paola Restaurant Sabaudia

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The best restaurants in San Felice Circeo

Sapor Proprio

This has got to be one of the absolute best restaurants in San Felice Circeo. No, there isn’t a view, but the food is to die for! And the service is so friendly. I can’t wait to be back to this wonderful new hotspot in Monte Circeo! Let’s start from the venue: open kitchen, simple but modern design and a small outdoor space. The menu? Seasonal with super fresh products! Whatever  you do, don’t miss out on the explosive shrimp tartare, definitely one of the highlights of this restaurant! Not to mention the outstanding dessert with chocolate and crumble! Yummy!

📍 Piazzale Kennedy, 25, San Felice Circeo
⏰  Friday – Sunday from 12pm – 3pm / Sunday – Saturday 7pm –  12am
📞 +39 0773 547653
💰 €35+
🔗 SaporProprio

sapor proprio restaurant san felice circeo

Hotel Punta Rossa Restaurant

Hotel Punta Rossa is the place you go to for a special occasion, or to just treat yourself. I’ve been going to this resort-hotel since I was a little girl, and the staff that works there is still the same! The restaurant is without a doubt one of the most delicious seafood restaurants in the area. The setting is beautiful, and the restaurant has large windows overlooking the sea. From some corners of the restaurant you even catch the sunset! But let’s get to the food: amazing! Whatever you do, try one of the tartares or carpaccios! I had one with shrimp and passion fruit and it was top-notch! The pastas are also first-class. From amazing seafood pastas to fresh local produce and wow desserts and wines, everything here is amazing.

📍 Via delle Batterie, 37, San Felice Circeo
⏰  Monday – Friday from 7.30pm – 12am
📞+39 0773 548085

Seaside towns near Rome: a weekend in Sabaudia

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