The best restaurants in Tihany

Tihany is one of those super cute towns you stumble upon and fall in love with. The town is perched up on a hill in Hungary’s Balaton region, just one hour and 30 minutes from Budapest. It’s the perfect place for a nice day trip away from the city!

where to eat in tihany Tihany is quite small and it’s famous for its lavender production (there are so many cute lavender shops) and for its beautiful views of Balaton lake. It is seriously one of those places that will make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale. It kind of reminded me of Narnia!

where to eat in tihany hungaryBeing in a beautiful place like Tihany means you cannot miss having lunch in a cozy restaurant with a great view, right? Where is that?

where to eat in tihany hungaryIt’s Echo Restaurant and Cafe! It’s located at the highest point of Tihany and offers a sensational view of the lake and of Tihany Abbey! Plus, it used to be a water tower!

where to eat in tihanyAs you walk up the stairs, you arrive to a beautiful terrace with wooden tables and chairs. The whole decor is centered around nature and being immersed in it. Nothing fancy, just breathtaking views of the lake and yummy traditional Hungarian cuisine!

where to eat in tihanyAt Echo Restaurant and Cafe I finally tried the famous Hungarian fish soup! Super delicious! Hungarian fish soup is made with fresh water fish, tomato, peppers and paprika. Traditionally it was made in kettles over fire by fishermen!

where to eat in tihanyI don’t know if it was made by a fisherman but It was served in super cute kettle where the soup was actually cooked in. I loved it!

where to eat in tihanyAs a second course I had the grilled pike-perch fillet, citrus walnut and spinach risotto. Which was good, but I couldn’t finish it as the fish soup was a lot!

where to eat in tihany But when it was time to order dessert and I read “lavender cheesecake” on the menu, a hole opened in my stomach again and I just HAD to order it. It was phenomenal. I just devoured it. Really really delish, I highly recommend it!

where to eat in tihanyThe service at Echo Restaurant and Cafe is fast and friendly. It’s definitely a place I’d recommend for a relaxing lunch in Tihany with unforgettable views! I haven’t been for dinner but I bet the views are just as spectacular, and the colors must be jaw-dropping!

where to eat in tihanyIt’s always best to make a reservation at Echo Restaurant and Cafe but if you don’t have one, go ahead and try it anyway, walk-ins are welcome!

Address: Visszhang domb 23. Tihany 8237
Phone Number: +36 70 946 66 87
Opening hours: Tuesday – Thursday from 10am – 7pm / Friday – Monday from 10am – 9pm
Average price: 7500 HUF / 25 EUR
Accepted credit cards: Visa and MasterCard


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