How to overcome your post-vacation blues

This summer has been an amazing one. A summer spent amid exploring beautiful regions and islands of Italy. I visited the Gargano region, the Island of Ischia, the Island of Ponza, the Lazio Coast and Sardinia, and came back to Rome at the end of August. And can I say it? I’m ready to start the year again. Actually, I’m excited!

As we drove away from Civitavecchia off to Rome, the beautiful pine trees, the sun rays hitting the Roman corners and the view of the houses in my neighbourhood made me smile. I spent an incredible summer recharging, and I’m ready to give the remaining of 2019 my all! So no, I don’t have post-vacation blues, but it seems like everyone else does.

All I see is people posting on social media about how unhappy they are to be coming back to their every day life. Going back to their “routines” makes them sad.

But we need to analyze this a bit more. Sure, who doesn’t like vacations? Relaxing on the beach, unwinding, sunbathing and going for swims, not having anything to worry about… just some crazies wouldn’t enjoy that. But the whole concept that “vacations are great”,  and “regular life sucks” is so bad! Because if you don’t like your regular life, it means that you’re spending 70% of your life doing something you don’t like, and the remaining trying to recharge to face that 70% of your life. It’s not sustainable. 

When I went on the press trip to Ischia, I met so many food and travel bloggers, but guess what, they are all either in university or working full time jobs! They found the time to create something they are passionate about! It’s never too late to change that routine you so desperately want to get rid of (but don’t know how to). Sure, it takes a bit (or a lot) of investment initially, but when you come home after doing something you love, I assure you, it won’t even feel like you’ve over worked (I know, so cliché)!

Don’t get me wrong, swimming in crystal clear waters is waaay better than sitting in an office. But what if you were working towards something bigger? A project? Something creative? Wouldn’t you feel more motivated to get back and work on it? Post-vacation blues are normal, but let’s not make vacations the only thing we’re looking forward to in life! Your every day life can be amazing too. You just have to take a few steps towards making it so. So here are a few tips I have to help you overcome your post-vacation blues, forever. 

Find something you are passionate about

Why we get post-vacation blues

I know, I know, it’s easy to say and harder to do. Agreed. Not everyone is born with a passion and knows what they want to do. Some of us are more passive, some of us aren’t. And for the ones that can’t understand what makes them passionate, you will find out!

I know many people who work full-time jobs they feel indifferent about. Some do have a passion, but they’re just scared. Scared of doing something they think isn’t stable, scared because they found something that’s paying well and they don’t want to let go of it. Whatever it is, they’re scared of something! Fear is not the emotion that will allow you to thrive in life. Of course you need fear, but it cannot control you. Something you just got to jump, or go for it but have a plan B.

And when I say that you should find something you should be passionate about, I’m also talking to university students! Don’t think that because you chose a specific major and  you’re at your second year you HAVE to finish. NO! If you find out that what you chose is not what you like, change. I did! After a year in London doing creative writing and journalism, I came back to Rome to study business. So don’t be scared.

Communicate how you feel more often

Why we get post-vacation blues

Talking to your closest friends, family or partner is one of the best things you can do when you feel down or uncertain of what you should do. When you’re lost, searching for help is a great idea. And who better can guide you than a family member, a close friend of your partner? Or better yet, sometimes talking to someone who has made a change in their life, or to a key player in whatever you’re doing. They can give you wonderful advice. So don’t keep everything to yourself, sometimes you’ll find that the solution is just around the corner!

Diversify your skills

Why we get post-vacation blues

It doesn’t matter what age you are (although the younger the easier), if you feel like you’re stuck doing something you dislike, it’s time to diversify your skills! Because how can you change a job if you only have the skill-set for THAT particular job? You can’t. Some people are happy with hopping from company to company, hoping that something may change. But if you move company but keep doing that same job you disliked in the previous company, it’ll only take a matter of time before you dislike your job again.

People are so scared to make changes in their life (and I understand, especially if they have a family). But without starting from yourself, how can you change? So the easiest way to get out of your job position and find another one is to diversify your skillset. If there’s an opportunity at work to do something you’ve never done before, be the first to jump into it! Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something super useful that could help you! Go back home and read books, take online courses. You know what I did? I had NO CLUE on how to build a website, find a hosting company, post my posts, upload pictures, do content marketing, social media marketing, write SEO-friendly etc. I bought a book (ok it was more than one) and took online courses. Slowly but surely! And now, I know how WordPress websites work, I understand a bit of HTML, I know all about the Google algorithm, I write for publications, manage social media etc! I even helped a friend build her e-commerce website. In Italian we say “volere è potere”, or “if you want, you can”!

Find a hobby, get more active

Why we get post-vacation blues

Ok, I shouldn’t be giving anyone the lesson on being more physically active. I’m kind of a couch potato when it comes to exercising. But I can tell you that when I do go running those few times a month, I feel better. Physical exercise has such benefits for our mind and bodies. If you go with friends, even more fun!

Not into exercising, find a hobby! Something that gets you interested in another activity (no, watching the newest Netflix series doesn’t count)!


Why we get post-vacation blues

Now, the last thing we need is for you to read this post on how to get over your post-vacation blues forever (or make changes in your life), only to close your laptop and go back to doing what you’ve always done. NO! A change cannot be made in life without commitment. A skill cannot be learned without committing to it. Just like an athlete doesn’t become an athlete overnight, you can’t make big changes in your life without committing and working to making those changes! I know it’s hard, but the result will be the best. You know what they say, get out of your comfort zone. And while I do get anxious when that happens, those are the times where I’ve learned the most and had the most opportunities. If you’re not seeing changes immediately, don’t give up! PERSEVERANCE is the word.

Plan for a weekend getaway every now and then

Why we get post-vacation blues

Everyday life gets more exciting when you plan a weekend getaway every now and then! It’s good for the mind, body and spirit. You don’t even have to go that far, just a weekend in a different setting will do. A change of scenery, like everyone calls it. It’s also good for your social interactions, for meeting people, to have more stories to tell. Plus, it’s another way of changing up your regular lifestyle, and if you’re working towards making a change in your life, going somewhere different is just going to reinforce that lifestyle you’re wanting to have!


I'm the daughter of an Italian family of diplomats, the second of three children, and a global citizen. I've lived in 7 cities around the world, I have a gigantic crush on Italy and my name has been mispronounced more times than I can remember.

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