ZERO: Healthy restaurant in Rome’s Parioli neighbourhood

If you’re searching for a place to have a delicious yet healthy lunch, ZERO is the place to go! They serve yummy Asian-Italian cuisine right off Piazza Ungheria, just a 10-minute drive from the center.

The restaurant is tiny but it’s super cute! There is a small outdoor area where you can also smoke (it’s heated during the winter), and then there is a small indoor area with about 10 more tables.  So yes, a reservation at Zero is mandatory!  But maybe you get lucky and find an empty table ( it only happened once)!
zero restaurant rome piazza ungheriaThe food at ZERO is yummy and all of the ingredients are fresh! What’s unique about the menu is that the dishes are categorized according to their calories and cooking technique! It’s the perfect place for a lunch with friends, even if you’re on a diet!

zero restaurant rome piazza ungheriaMy favourite dish is the fresh octopus salad accompanied by cherry tomatoes, potatoes and zucchini, I cannot explain enough how delicious this dish is! And equally tasty is the tuna tartare with apples wedges.

Anything from the wok is also outstanding, my personal favourites are the noodles with vegetables and salmon! There is also a small wine selection by the bottle and by the glass, as well as a few beers.

Apart from the yummy food, another A-lister at ZERO are the desserts! I recommend you order the yummy passion fruit cheesecake or the exquisite carrot cake with pistachio ice-cream, they will blow you away!

ZERO’s atmosphere is young and fresh, you are immersed in a warm and trendy enviroment which is ideal for a meal with your friends or partner. Whether it is for lunch or for dinner, ZERO is always spot-on and the service is very friendly. Don’t forget to make a reservation.

Address: Viale Liegi, 53

Phone Number: +39 068415015

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday from 12pm – 3.30pm / 7.30pm – 12am

Average price: 25+ EUR

Accepted credit cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard


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