A cozy and romantic restaurant in Trastevere

Trastevere is one of the cutest and most characteristic neighbourhoods of Rome. And it’s especially the place to go if you want to immerse yourself in the local cuisine. Trastevere is filled with traditional-style Roman trattorias: casual, delicious and super cute.

roman trattorias in trastevere

dar sor olimpio al drago trastevereRome’s trattorias usually have bricked walls and arches, or wood-beamed ceilings and small wooden table and chairs. The service is friendly and you’ll find the Roman classics such as carbonara, amatriciana, cacio e pepe and Roman-style artichokes.

trattorias in trastevereSo for those that want to immerse themselves in a trattoria experience, there is one that is simply the cutest in Trastevere. It’s called Dar Sor Olimpio al Drago and it’s situated in Piazza del Drago (you don’t say)!

restaurants in trastevereI went to Dar Sor Olimpio al Drago for dinner and I instantly fell in love with this trattoria. It’s situated just a two-minute walk from the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, and it’s just 10 meters from Via della Lungaretta, one of the most ancient streets of Rome.

So why is it that Dar Sor Olimpio al Drago is so charming? The second you step inside you’ll understand what I mean.

the best trattorias in trastevereThe atmosphere is cozy, with old-style striped walls, small wooden tables set with lovely cloths and small shelfs and objects placed around the trattoria. I’d say it’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner with your partner in Trastevere, or even for a great dinner with your friends or family. And during the good season, you may even dine outside on the cobble-stoned piazza.

the best trattorias in trastevereThe service is kind, funny and efficient. And the food is really good, genuine and fresh!

best trattorias in trastevereI had the amazing Roman-style artichokes (carciofi alla romana) and they were YUMMY! My boyfriend started with the cheese platter accompanied by jams and honey and it was phenomenal.

the best trattorias in trastevereThe cheese was delicious, there was one with truffles that I couldn’t stop eating (I ended up eating the whole thing).

the best trattorias in trastevereAs a main course, I had the delicate stuffed ravioli with buffalo ricotta cheese and bottarga with shrimps and vegetables. I really recommend you order them, I would go back right now to eat this dish!

restaurants in trastevereMy boyfriend had the cacio e pepe pasta, and it was outstanding and super creamy! If you want to try the Roman dishes, Dar Sor Olimpio al Drago is top. The amatriciana and the carbonara are also great, as are all the seafood dishes.

the best trattorias in trastevereThe wine selection is extensive, we ordered an Arneis which was fabulous. And for dessert we had a delicious chocolate lava cake.

the best trattorias in trastevereI’d say that it was the perfect dinner, and although Dar Sor Olimpio al Drago is tucked away in a quiet area of Trastevere, it’s  also the perfect place to have dinner if you want to grab a drink afterwards. After all, Trastevere is one of Rome’s most frequented nightlife spots!

restaurants in trastevereDon’t forget to make a reservation, either the day before or no later than 12pm of the same day!

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Address: Piazza del Drago, 2

Phone Number: +39 339 885 7574

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday from 6pm – 12am / Sunday from 12pm – 12am

Average price: 40+ EUR

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, American Express and MasterCard


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